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The Voice Master Agency

The Voice Master Agency represents some of the finest voice artists, presenters and public speakers who have all been verified as having successfully completed their training with the Voice Master Academy.

The agency only represents the trained and top 50 most exceptional talent rated by industry professionals annually.


The Voice Master Academy

The Voice Master Academy offers group and one on one master classes for voice artists, presenters and public speakers. The scope of the training is designed to equip students with prolific speaking skills for radio, television or live interactions. Students benefit by acquiring distinctive techniques and learning special speaking skills to improve their abilities so as to be competitive on an industry standard. Further development is introduced via mentorship and career guidance.

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Some Facts About The VMA


We’ve trained many voice artists and presenters all around the country and we are proud to have been part of igniting the flame that make our stars shine brightly.

Number of Cities Visited

25 +

Hours of Training

110 +

Voice Artists Trained

250 +

Happy Clients

1500 +

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